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About Us

The Black Beach Company was founded by Lisa Hoff and her daughter Livia in October 2018 to share their love for their hometown landmark, Black Beach.


Lisa grew up and went to high school in Red Wing, MN. After graduation, she went on to the University of Minnesota Duluth and graduated in 1998. Soon after marrying her high school sweetheart Shane, he got a job in Silver Bay. They bought a small house where they would live from then on out.


Immediately after moving, Lisa fell in love with Silver Bay and decided it would be her forever home town. Even though it is a small town, the amount of things you can find to do around here is endless. Later she would have 2 kids, Livia and Braylen.


Livia has grown up and has been going to school in Silver Bay her whole life. She is involved in as much as she has time for, sports, hunting, fishing, camping, volunteering and spending time with friends and family.


Lots of things have changed since she has spent summer after summer living here, for example Black Beach has skyrocketed. One of the first times she remembers visiting there, there was one access point and mostly only locals knew about it. The name was not really put out there in any way, yet. Soon after, billboards were put up and another access point was established and there were always 20-30 people local and non-local visiting this beautiful beach. The beach expanded more and more as more people started hearing about it.


This company was founded to keep the name; Black Beach out in the eye of the beholder and showing people what a beautiful community many people have just usually passed by.


Even though we live in a small town, many beautiful things lie here you may never have noticed and us, as owners of Black Beach Co, want to help expand and show people the natural beauty that lies along the North Shore.


Our products include a blue sweatshirt to represent the water, a black hat and charcoal t-shift to represent the black sand Our logo represents the natural beauty that Black Beach always has had.

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